Nowadays, the Internet makes it easy for you to market your products or services. But if your website is poorly designed and your business will also fail. If your success is really your target, you need professionals I.T who do it for you. 

Welcome to NEDIATEKGROUP is one of the largest web design and development companies. We strive to understand the activities of our customers and use our experience to provide you with the right solutions. Our team builds a responsive website for all devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Our professionals, we offer you a high quality website that attracts ayour customers and adapts to your business


We build a responsive website that makes web pages look good on a variety of devices and sizes of windows or screens.

Web Application

We develop applications that users can use accessing a web server via Internet or intranet using a browser.

Web Design

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.

Web Development

We develop profession website from one level to efficiency standard level, which will enable your business to expand.

UX & UI Design

We try to design products that solve specific needs for the users. That means understanding the users first and building empathy before anything else. Our UX & UI designs work closely with you to go from understanding the experiences we need to create for the users, to building the wireframes, prototyping and doing a remarkable user interface. The visible UI design is just the tip of a deep iceberg, where the real value sits.


To build native means to use all the capabilities of the mobile devices. It means not to compromise on experience you create for the user. And eventually means a solid foundation for scaling up and turning a mobile product into a real business. We use Swift for iOS and Java for Android, with a sheer focus on performance and clean code.

Back-end and Web Development

Our focus to build full-stack mobile products meant hiring experienced backend and web developers to complete the rest of the product team. And that paid up a lot, as now we can have integrated teams in house, covering all the components of your product, from front-end to back-end, from design to product management. And you don’t really know what difference that makes in delivering projects in time and budget until you’ve done it.

Some of the Websites we designed

and developed

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-Domain for 1year

-Hosting for 1 year

-Web design

-7 Web pages

-Free Support

-Community access



-Domain for 1 year

-Hosting for 1 year

-Web Design

-14 Web pages

-Mobile version

-Creative Layouts

-Free Support

-Expert Reviews

-Community access



-Domain for 1year

-Unlimited subdomains

-Hosting for 1 year

-Web design

-Unlimited webpage

-Mobile version

-Creative Layouts

-Graphic Design

-Free Support

-Expert Reviews

-Community access



the price are negotiable

For advanced eCommerce sites like





– Woocommerce


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