Social Media Marketing

Brands, publishers, subcontractors and growing companies all open pages on today’s most popular social networks to communicate with their audience and publish content of interest to this audience. As a marketing specialist in e-commerce, you can do the same thing, but your campaigns may look different, and not all social networks fit your needs.

Ecommerce websites are very visual – you have to show the product, after all – so your success on social media depends on your use of the image to attract attention and traffic on your product pages. Instagram is an appropriate platform for ecommerce companies because it allows you to publish specific product photographs and extend the reach of your products beyond its purchase page.

You can go further in your social media publications by creating content that can be purchased, allowing visitors to buy immediately. This can include anything from graphical ads strategically placed in a social feed to extra tags that direct users directly to a shopping cart. These methods help you eliminate friction from the buying process.